Prevent Your Mattress From Water Damage

Mattresses are an important part of our daily routine. This is because mattress cleaning becomes real essential. 9/10 days we use mattresses as a matter of fact wherein we lie down and relax. Mattresses handle a lot, hence caring for the same also becomes essential. Having said that, you can definitely go for mattress cleaning, if it has been toiled by some stain, but water damage mattresses are hard to clean easily. 

In general, the innerspring mattresses available in stores can last upto 7 to 10 years, while the one made of foam can cost a little extra and can add up to 5 more years into your mattress’s life.All the hybrid beds can last somewhere between 7-15 years as these are made up of combining premium quality of coil and foam, which helps to decide the mattress life of time.

While one thing is for sure, that one cannot sleep on the same mattress forever, but sleeping on a premiumly cleaned mattress, is what you can do from your end to keep it odor and stain free. When you have a clean mattress, it ensures that proper evacuation of air takes place, and an improvement of air quality leads to healthy life.

Prevent Your Mattress From Water Damage
Prevent Your Mattress From Water Damage

In the Following Article, We Will Discuss a Few Tips Which Can Prevent Your Costly Mattress From Water Damage. 

1. Use a Layer of Mattress Protector

It’s a game changer to immediately protect your newly bought mattress with a mattress protector. 

No matter how careful we are, bad things do happen and accidents are bound to happen. With a mattress protector, you can be rest assured that no spill,dirt or accident can find it’s way from the top of the bed to the mattress below and ruin it. 

Along with liquid and fluids, body oils and skin flakes can also affect your mattress and harm it’s longevity. 

To prevent your mattress from water damage, make sure you buy a mattress cover in the exact right fit which fits it snugly. 

There Are Basically Two Populate Styles:-

* Encasement

This style completely encases the cover and prevents it from any outside damage. It is very useful against bed bug damage and allergens. 

* Fitted 

As the name suggests, this sort of mattress protector is the one which fits on the mattress thoroughly.

These mattress protectors go on your bed the way a fitted sheet does which makes it quite comfortable for the person laying sheet on and off.

This fitted mattress protector come as a waterproof version which protects it from all spill or accidents and keeps your mattress free from water damage.

2. Vacuuming Your Mattress

You should take some time out to vacuum your mattress as it helps to remove hidden  water spills, sweats, body odours, dust and dirt from every corner.

3. Spot clean stains

If you spill water, any form of liquid or food item on your beloved mattress then make sure you clean the spot almost immediately to prevent it getting stained and smelling later. 

You can clean these stains with a paste made from lemon juice and salt which can be then applied on the stain and left for a while. After that, use a clean towel to wipe off the solution and remaining stain. 

If this doesn’t work, use a solution made from dish soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide all mixed together to spray over the affected part and left for 20-30 minutes. It is very useful in removing old stains as well as new ones and preventing your mattress from water damage.

Mattress From Water Damage Service
Mattress From Water Damage Service

When We Come in the Role of Mattress Cleaning?

There are times, when mattress stain removal does not seem possible at all, and you struggle to get rid of the mattress stain even when you have implied mattress stain removal methods and other tips and tricks. In such cases, we at Marks Mattress Cleaning Melbourne play an ideal role and ensure your mattress stain removal is done and mattress water damage restoration can be done very much similar to a new one.

It was never easy for Mark to keep his Mark's Mattress Cleaning business going. He is a superman and that is why he stands as the owner and expert today. He has taken this business from floor to roof and is still growing.

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