How to Remove Chocolate Stains from The Mattress

As finger-licking delicious these chocolates are, the same is true about the stubborn stains they leave on your beautiful mattress. Just a little bit of warm climate makes the chocolate all the bit messy, to an extent that it also starts melting. 

Both the above-mentioned facts are well known. What’s a mystery to many though is how to get rid of those Cadbury stains which spoil your mattress?

In this article, we have ventured to explore in detail the various steps to follow for proper chocolate stain removal from mattress of such stains without compromising on the quality of the mattress.

Remove Chocolate Stains From The Mattress
Remove Chocolate Stains From The Mattress

What are The Steps to Follow During Chocolate Stain Removal from Mattress.

To remove chocolate stains from mattress will no longer be a nightmare for you if the below-mentioned steps are followed in sequence:

Scrape It When Dry

For chocolate stains, the golden rule is to wait and allow the stain to dry out completely. Next using a blunt surface to scrape off the stain is key. 

Remember, we must be very careful while removing the stain so that it does not spread any more than the already soiled portion. If we smear the fallen pieces again on the mattress, the already molten chocolate will only help in darker, deeper stains.

Iron It Out

But chocolate stains are too stubborn to let go off by just scraping it. So definitely still certain parts of stain will be left. Using an iron on a low heat over a paper towel at the affected spot melts away leftover chocolate stains completely.

The Last Act and Laundry Detergent

Now once ironing is done, we should use a fresh paper towel to clean the stain affected area. Now laundry detergent is applied on the chocolate stain and with water using a piece of fibre cloth.

This step is touted to be a sort of final blow on the chocolate stain which helps in the proper sanitization of the mattress.

However, we must be careful of rubbing and/or scrubbing of fibre cloth as an excess of it can cause colour bleeding in mattress. It is well-advised thus, to do a colour bleeding test beforehand on some hidden area of the mattress

Why Mattress Sanitisation is One of The Best Ways to Remove Stains Like Chocolates. 

Applying a mattress sanitisation treatment over that chocolate or other stains has some common steps:- 

  • Washing the bedsheet, pillow cover and mattress covers so that stains are not spread.
  • Similarly for mattress infested with bugs must be washed with hot water so that bugs are killed.
  • For insect ridden mattress using Nuvan strips goes a long way in eradicating the bugs.
  • On the other hand, sprays can be used on the whole surface of the mattress followed by wiping with a clean rag that should itself be sanitized. Warm water must be used to dip the rag in as stains dissolve quickly in warm water.
  • Lastly, post sanitization the mattress must be kept outside to dry in natural light so that the UV rays kill all the remaining germs and bacteria.

Hire or Call Our Professionals to Get your Mattress Cleaned from Stains.

Sometimes it is impossible for homeowners to have the best set of vacuum equipment required to sanitise your mattress. 

Many companies offer a wide range of affordable Mattress Cleaning in Melbourne services at very affordable costs in the market. We at Ses Mattress Cleaning also offer services ranging from sanitising the mattress to the mattress stain removal that are microscopic in nature. 

Our experts also use green mattress sanitization methods that do not tamper with the quality of your mattress.

So next time if you were just having your compulsory post-dinner dessert and somehow managed to get that chocolate smear your cool mattress, remember we are just a call away from helping you out.

It was never easy for Mark to keep his Mark's Mattress Cleaning business going. He is a superman and that is why he stands as the owner and expert today. He has taken this business from floor to roof and is still growing.

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